Consistency when selecting rest en inputting notes


I’ve noticed an inconsistent behaviour when selecting rests and pressing enter. Normally, if I select a rest, then I press enter to start inputting notes, the selected value will automatically be the one corresponding to the rest, which is quite useful.

But this is not the case if I select a rest which is part of a tuplet : after pressing enter, the selected value will always be a quarter note, no matter what was the tuplet value. In my opinion, the behaviour for rests not into tuplet is more optimal than this one. When I click a rest, is if often because I want to replace it by a note with the same value. Consistency would also be quite useful!



Agree. I’ve been caught out by this many times, and I haven’t seen a topic about it in the last few months that I’ve been attending here.

There was a discussion around this in the Facebook group not so long ago.

Hi Lilie, thanks for sharing the discussion! I’m not sure I understood why it is normal that Dorico works like that. In my case, it is not linked at all to the rhythmic grid.


For what it’s worth, we recently sorted this out in our development builds, so it will behave more as you expect in Dorico 4.


Nice to hear that! Looking forward to Dorico 4 (in January let’s hope :wink: )

An update about this inconsistency : it seemed to work in Dorico 4.0, but since the new updates, it went back to the previous behaviour…

That shouldn’t be the case. Can you provide a simple project with reproducible steps?

I see why, it is because I doubled click instead of pressing “enter”. Just to understand the logic of it, is there a reason why double clicking goes to quarter note per default while pressing “enter” chooses the value of the selected note?

When I double-click directly on a note I get that note value. If I double-click next to a note I get a quarter note.

That’s weird! I get systematically a quarter note