Consistent Alignment of Default Text


I’m making a catalogue of multiphonics because that’s just Londonxmas2020.

I want to show four multiphonics per system, 5 systems per page - fine

But if I want the names / ID number of each sound - written in default text - to be the same distance / vertical position from the stave, then it seems I have to painstakingly do this by hand.

There is no object ruler to check distances, and if I try to type in Y values into the DT’s properties in engrave mode, then frustratingly, it seems that when you give two different objects the same Y value, they won’t be aligned if the music content is forcing one to move up. See my example below.

I’ve already encountered this problem in Dorico but couldn’t find a solution. Before it was just in odd spots in piece, but as I’m working on a larger catalogue and need consistency, I’d like to ask if there is a better or even a ‘correct’ way (what with Dorico being so logical and all…)

Right now I’m clicking and dragging a selection box to use as a ruler to check alignment… there must be a better way?


Turn off collision avoidance for each text object (either by turning on the property switch and unticking, or globally from Engraving Options > Text).

Each text object will now be in the wrong spot, but vertically they’ll all be in the same wrong spot. Then select one of them, type Shift-Alt-A a few times (or select all and then filter text) then bump them all up together.

Excellent workaround - thanks Leo

So ‘avoid collisions’ is Dorico’s version of Sib’s ‘magnetic layout’ that we need to turn off when global preferences can’t do certain jobs… I wish this was clearer to people starting on Dorico…

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Not really, Nick. It’s just that you can specifically disable collision avoidance for text items; they’re the only items that provide this property, because text can have a particularly outsized impact on staff spacing.

Obviously it would be nice to have a command to align a bunch of items at the same vertical position, and hopefully we’ll be able to add such a feature in future.

Right, understood, I think.

Yes an auto-align function both horizontal and vertical for text or any objects, and a ruler, like in Adobe Illustrator etc would be very handy in a future edition.

Happy christmas!