Consistent, coherent GUI

It has come to my attention that Cubase is a total mess.
Steinberg need to choose between the Commodore 64 look and the Nu-age Star Trek next Generation look. Both cannot co-exist.

How many GUI threads do we need, I’m pretty sure there is already one with nearly this exact thread title. It’s clear they have been in the process of updating the GUI, it’s not a matter of deciding between one or the other, it’s a matter of time it takes adding in new features to the new GUI.

Dear Steinberg,
Could you please consider updating these UI elements so as to be more consistent with other parts of the program, and to provide a more pleasant user experience?.

Cheers, :smiley:

A) Unable to resize Inspector to view all tempo information.
B) Box too small to accommodate ‘Link’
C) Random scroll bar
D) ‘Group’ cut off
E) Unable to resize Inspector to view average sized track names
F) Glitch
G) Lone search bar UI that appears nowhere else in the entire program.

I am sure Steinberg is working on revamping the old PC-style/tiny buttons/cluttered GUI.
I for one can’t wait to see it completed.

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What every you like, it must be right somewhere.

I don’t think they have a straight-forward GUI rework strategy.

And just take a look to the Stereo Out bus and the not existing SENDS there. Ther GUI is totally messed up and also wasting space with a whole slot of simply nothing! Stereo OUT does not feature SENDs but keeps the space allocated and also messes up with the font on top for the headline.
All these little things do not show very accurate GUI design approach.

I think they build it layer upon layer. Different styles are different ages. It’s like a dendrochronology or cubendochronology. I think that also might be a reason for the slow performance of the cubase gui.

It’s a very bad GUI indeed.

But judging by the GUI of Backbone I think I know where Steinberg is going with Cubase 11 GUI… and It’s gonna be amazing… So let’s be patient…

I think they have to if they want to stay in business.
The competition is way too sharp and good looking making current Cubase look old and tired.

I agree Cubase looks very old…

I dont mind. It should be Consistent, coherent GUI function wise. If it look old, is that bad? Most of market seem struggle to get that vintage thing.

I can agree on the fact that it would have been easier to accept the old GUI if it was consistent but “old” in this case (for me anyway) means clunky/cluttered and hard to navigate and not really good with todays hi resolution displays.

Vintage sound - yes please.
Vintage GUI - no thank you.

If you think cubase looks is vintage now I believe you if you said that the market is struggling to get it like cubase… do you know why? Because it’s soooo random and ugly! I’ve attached two pictures… is that vingtage? Windows 98 vintage right? And bad taste too… White over grey??? when the tab is selected??? What is this ugly look… What is this buggy look? It’s 2020 Faders overlapping (Picture no.2) ??? And you’re talking about vintage…??? This is a joke I’ve moved to cubase last year when they released version 10 they didn’t tell me before I buy it that the gui is this buggy and programmed and designed by noobs! At least not those kind of problems where a fader make love to another fader… Buggy GUI… very badly presented… And you’re saying vintage… Vintage means something old but high quality… this is bad quality… don’t use words that you don’t know what it mean!!

This for example…

Happens when you already have text written in Snapshot notes and you try to edit it… :man_shrugging:

And this… :man_shrugging:

We dont have to use the vintage bugs.