Consistent Crashing

I’ve run into an issue lately where Dorico crashes very often - as in after almost every other input. For context, it only started happening consistently yesterday. Usually I’ll try to input a note, drag a slash region, or do really anything else, and then it stops, “thinks” for a few seconds, and closes. I’ve tried opening other projects of mine to see if it was an app-wide problem and they ran just fine. This makes me wonder if there’s something in my project file that I’ve done recently to make it slower and less responsive - is that possible?

I’ve still been able to make progress on my project, but this has set me back a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve attached the diagnostics report and the project in a zipped folder. Please let me know if you might need anything else.

Thank you so much!
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be (653 KB)
Dorico (350 KB)

I see that you are running the initial 3.0 release, so please update to the latest 3.1.10 (you can use Steinberg Download Assistant to get this), as it has many fixes and improvements.

Hi Paul - thank you for the feedback! I’ve now updated, but it seems that the problem wasn’t running the older version of Dorico. I’d pasted a few quarter note/half note symbols (♩ and 𝅗𝅥), and removing them fixed the problem - no more crashing. I’ve found alternatives to not using them so all is well now.

Thank you again for your help!