Consistent Cursor Position In Key Editor

When I select an event in track view and open the Key Editor the cursor should be consistently positioned. Zoomed IN: left of centre, Zoomed OUT: same as Track View. The cursor, being that it marks the Edit point chosen in Track View, should be easy to work with. Very often, if Zoomed IN, the cursor is nearly off the screen, meaning I have to hit the G Key hundreds of times a session. I double click mostly to open the Key Editor so a Macro is impractical.

I completely disagree. The cursor should initially be close to the left margin. We rarely edit data to the left of the cursor - we cannot hit play and hear what effect our edits have had. We almost always just edit data to the right of the cursor. Placing the cursor initially toward the left margin gives us more usable area for editing that which we are focused upon.

This is totally a matter of opinion.

But having it the way you want, J Buckingham, is trivial, hit g then h, and the cursor will be centered. Make a macro for it to behave the way you want:

Open Editor
Zoom out
Zoom in

If you check it out a bit more you will find that if you are zoomed in on an event, in track view, with the cursor on the timeline where you want to edit, then hit enter and see that the cursor in key editor is positioned sometimes nearly off the screen. G button gets old after 50 times.

At very least, a preference option should be made available. I know for certain I’m not the only one who would prefer a positioning that placed the cursor near the left margin by default. Another option to center it would also be a reasonable choice here. But it would be very nice if the users got to choose their preference for this behavior.

Yeah I agree, the cursor positioned left of centre or centre.

I completely agree with dmbaer, I also like the cursor near the left margin.

Macros wouldn’t work here because I mostly double click to open key editor.

+1 Doesn’t matter to if left or in the middle of the screen. But not going out of the screen while zooming in - and that happens very often.