Consistent problem with playback sound, especially going from headphones to MacBook speaker

I love Dorico but I often have to spend several minutes toggling stuff to generate sound. I have to go into Preferences and click on Play, turning on external speakers. Or I need to go into Play menu and reload the Playback Template. At times – like right now – neither is working, at which point I close everything down and reboot the program, which is a real problem if I am on a flight and not connected to the internet, for the Activation Manager won’t load of course.

Any insight?

Hi @Cedar100 , do you still don’t have it working? Then please do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here.

And how about if you go to Edit > Device Setup and there click on the Control Panel button. On the appearing window is somewhere an option for Automatically configure device (or similarly). Is that ticked with you? And in that same window, are the outputs actually enabled?

I flew from London to New York just yesterday, and successfully started my computer from a cold start and ran Dorico mid-flight. There’s no “of course” about this; the Activation Manager certainly can (or should) allow Dorico to load even if there’s no internet connection.

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You can install the offline license, if you know that you will not have internet access.

Please make sure you are running the most recent version of Steinberg Activation Manager (at the time of writing, version 1.4.10), which has some fixes for issues when starting the licensed application when no internet connection is available.

I didn’t know about the Offline Activation, currently don’t have an external storage device so will try to buy one tomorrow and follow the video tutorial.

@Ulf: I was already doing Edit > Device Setup checking those boxes. Sometimes that was the problem. However, sometimes restarting the program is the only answer (as in today’s problem). I guess at some point I’ll deal with a Diagnostics Report, especially if I am the only user with this consistent problem.


as you might see from the thread I need to enable Offline Activation first, which seems not to be all that straightforward, and I need to purchase a hard drive. “In most cases, it is much easier to temporarily connect an offline computer to the Internet to perform the activation online.”

You really don’t need to activate an offline license first. My own computer is living proof of this.

(And aside from flights I’ve done weeks at a time with no internet on ships - the activation manager has been fine with a regular activation in these circumstances - it only phones home when there is an internet connection.)

The instructions the Juerg linked to above are for a computer that never connects to the internet. As long as the computer is connected to the net for the initial activation there is no need for the computer to be connected for Dorico to subsequently launch, or at least not frequently.

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