Consistently Losing audio connection

Cubase is often losing audio connection. The session was fine last night, now I open and I’ve lost audio connection. My outputs are lost in the audio connection window. I have to reset in there and then reassign every track in the session back to the main outs and also lose my master section effects. Definitely a pain.

Any ideas? Seems buggy


cubase 9.5.30 win 10 updated 8700k intel 64 gigs ram 970 ssd


What Audio Device do you use?

Have the same thing.
Project was ok night before. Audio connection outputs have just disappeared. Audio device is not connected, and when trying to select the interface nothing happens.
Only way to get connections back is to load the defeault preset…

Occured first time this weekend, had clients over and was not nice… :wink:

Cubase 9.5 / UR28M with newest yamaha drivers.


What do you mean by “when trying to select the interface nothing happens”, please? Select where? In which window?

When outputs have disappeared for some reason and clicking on the interface here, nothing happens. Inputs are ok.

Just a thought…

Is Cubase started before your audio interface is? Or does Cubase start faster than the time it takes for your computer to recognize your audio interface and sync timing with it?

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Interesting point, but I don’t think that would explain this.
e.g. I switched over to “generic low latency asio” and back again many times with no results.

Today I made full clean install of windows/cubase :astonished: (been planning on doing so for some time…) and everything is fine now.

Cool… glad you got it working. :wink:

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