Console 1 and SSL UC1 crashes

I have an issue where when I open a project with 30+ instances of console 1 and SSL Native channel strip active 3 out of 5 times the project would crash while loading. And as error it would either tell me the Console 1 VST or the SSL Channel strip VST caused the crash. If I remove one of the plugins the project loads fine it’s just when both are active it results in random but very frequent crashes roughly 3 out of 5 times.
Using latest updates and versions of both Cubase and the VSTs. Using Silicon M3 Sonoma 14.4.1

Ar the plug ins VST3? And do you also have VST2 installed (they recommend only using VST3 with silicon macs).

Yes its only VST 3 as VST 2 doesn’t even work on silicon Mac

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Hi David,
I have the same issue since last year in nuendo (nuendo 12 and also 13). SSL was really supportive though and confirmed the issue. However, it seems to be a problem with nuendo, that the plugins try to access the same memory at the same time.
Steinberg has not even responded to my ticket yet. At least a: “We work on it” would have been nice, but nothing so far. And it has been months now.
Since the same setup works fine in other vst3 DAWs, I have changed to Studio One and have not regretted it so far. Works flawlessly.
I got tired of waiting, not knowing if they ever going to fix it.