Console-1 integration with Cubase

Hi, I’m a tester for Softube, and they recently worked together with Studio 1 and Sonar to enable better DAW integration with their Console/Plugin.

Currently Cubase has basic integration (auto names the tracks)

but with studio 1/sonar it has the ability to (optionally) control the pan/mute/volumes of the Mixer and also has track follow ability (so clicking for example on button 3 would highlight & select channel 3 on the mixer

new features are shown here

Softube have apparently reached out to steinberg, as they’ve done all they can, and the next step is for steinberg to implement the required features.

Is this possible?


I’m a Cubase 8.5, Softube Console 1, Presonus FaderPort user.
I’d love to see a similar integration/ update [as above] within Cubase 8.5 as has been done with Studio One/ Sonar. Please? :smiley:

As I do my mixes nealy complete with Console1 (I can’t stand the new Cubase Mixer with the mouseover nonsense everywhere) I will go the studio 1 route if Steinberg don’t get this done in the near future…

I should have read your post before! I exactly did a post requesting that Cubase should do as Studio-One and integrate Console-1.

Console 1 user here. I’d like the integration as well.


Softube did an update that makes Console-1 controls the track Volume, Pan, Mute and selection in Sonar and Studio-One.

As a Cubase and Console-1 user, I would love that Console-1 would be able to control Cubases tracks selection and so on.


I’m also Cubase 8.5 and Console 1 user. Definitely “follow select track” feature is on my wish list. The other options like send, pan, mute of Cubase controlled by Console 1 would be great. My dream is to have controler like C1 which can control own plugins, but also to use same hardware to control Cubase channel strip. If you (Steinberg crew) need more information, feel free to ask. Maybe you can give us some feedback about possible options in this subject?

I merged the newly started thread with the old one.

Please, keep one thread only about the same request, thank you.

I’m a new Cubase 8.5 user (switching from Pro Tools) and I have always loved the Console 1 concept. I have used it sometimes in friends’ studios and it is so amazing, would love an integration with Cubase.

Same here, I just emailed them this morning about this. Its frustrating because it seems like Studio One is so far ahead of everyone right now. They have built in integration for Melodyne, Console 1, Slate Raven, and now Vocalign.


I’m a bit surprised actually. I’m a Cubase user since the late 90’s and Steinberg has always been pretty fast with these kinds of things. Keeping my fingers crossed they have it implemented in Cubase 9. Soon to be revealed? :unamused: