Console Configuration Recall Issue: Please confirm

Ive read through the manual and also the soundonsound article on workflow etc

Recalling Config 1; With sync/proj window,

  1. is this configuration present meant to recall the fold value of the project group tracks stored? Its a bit frustrating for workflow if this doesnt have an option to include maybe??
  2. The console left zone window snapshot (since that seems to be the subject of configuration presets) ie the fold is not stored here either
  3. The selected track would be good too (depending on what part of the workflow you are in ie tracking /rough mix etc)

Console recall is for mix console not project window…
and folders are different than groups

Tnanks for the reply

Sounds great except for confusion ie that when configs are called, it is affecting the project window as well ie I guess because of the sync. What I mean is that the scope is definitely controlling both so where is the actual scope? Where is there a description so that users can understand the underlying schema relationships?

It would be helpful in documentation if there was a table outlining the scope of any preset type handling that is possibly linked to (not always obvious) across multiple areas. Flow charts are an immense help in bedding down the left side thinking so the right side can be freed up ie analytics become ‘muscle memory’ and translate to creative process when understood at component level

PS I get folder vs track but I thought the pic would have indicated this is a workflow issue and Im not sure why cubase calls it a group when the industry term is a buss/sub group? Hehe and Live (which I use a lot) calls folder tracks - Groups, also any audio track can be sent to/from so there is no such thing as a buss except by label/use.