Console mixer display settings; please fix/update/feature

  1. Would be nice if there was a note in the prefs/meter appearance display so that anytime you are NOT on the console settings, it was obvious (ie +3 is the only one that applies to the console)…once you know its fine but having to go looking for it?
  2. Because a lot of plugs use vintage ie -18 headroom and the fact that I grew up on K system, it would be nice to easily be able to apply those to the mix meters
  3. In digital, 64 bit mix path, 32bit float files, there is just no need to be slamming stuff near 0db for SNR reasons…so outdated. Having the meters reflect correct gain staging as default, might help a lot of new starters>

Just my 2c but its about the details…and this is a really important one.