Console old with deactivated project

  • open a project
  • open a new project and activate it
  • close the last project opened
    ==> The console is not corresponding anymore to the 1st project opened even re-activated.


This is wanted behaviour. No project is activated automatically, when you close the active project, anymore. This changed in Cubase 10.0 or 10.5 by a purpose. The users want to actively decide, if they want to activate the project or not. Sometimes, the users had to wait quite some time until all libraries were loaded, just to be able to close the 2nd project or open another project.

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Even I activate the first project the console doesn’t appears like the first time with the first project it’s a basic console without all tracks.

You should try deleting the saved preferences. It solves a lot of little issues like yours. Also if you still have an older version installed on your computer little issues appear.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?