Console - tracks disapears

I think it’s an issue because many times reproductible.

When the number of tracks is higher than le larger of screen the right tracks are not available even with the back scroll. And when we put the back scroll in the top right of the tracks the scroll disapears;



if you have the MixConsole divided in 2 or 3 zones and the right or left zone contain enough tracks to fill the whole MixConsole, then the scroll bar won’t work to scroll through them, as it applies to the main (i.e. central) zone only. This is due to having one scroll-bar, which can operate only one of the zones (the main), I’d guess the only way to solve this would be to implement more scroll-bars when more than one zone exist, with each of them controlling one zone (and forcing each zone to have a fixed amount of visible tracks). I don’t know if this is currently feasible.

Is this what you mean? And did I understand correctly?

If the right zone has so many channels, wouldn’t it be worth assigning them to, say, MixConsole 2 and hide them from console 1?

Yes it’s what I mean.

The left zone has many tracks (32) and the right zone is not available.

The solution is to affect only group tracks at the first console and the other tracks to console 2.

But your idea to affect a fixed number of tracks maximum by zone is a good idea for instance the group tracks maybe should be more priority than the other in the main console ?

thanks for your reply,


how to set it up depends pretty much on your projects’ layout and how you work on it.

I usually put the tracks I don’t continuously need (or don’t need at all, like MIDI tracks) for mixing on MixConsole 2, e.g. the FX channels. This recommendation would perhaps fall short in some use cases.
I could then decide to assign them to two mixers basing on their type (for example audio tracks, groups and FX on one console and synth / instrument tracks on the second one) and put both on the second screen, both resized to fill half of the screen. But it pretty much depends on the project and your workflow. Hope I was clear enough.

Again, I don’t know if it’s feasible, but if you want to put a FR to have separated scroll-bars for the various mixers zones, sounds legit to me :wink:

Yes and for my midi controller (icontrols pro) only the console 1 is recognized :unamused: