Console View help

When i select a track in the Tracking Window and i push F3 it opens up the console on the corresponding track BUT i often find myself putting all my backvocals or guitars together and when i want to scroll around those i always have to close back the console go to the track i want and reopen the console selecting the new track…

Is there a way to just open the console with the selected track riiiiight in the middle so we have couple of tracks on the left couple of tracks on the right that’d make this go soooo much faster for me since i do it all the time in my setup.



I’m sorry, there is no such a function, to display the selected track right in the center of the MixConsole.

Alright thanks anyway!

But you do have access to 3 different MixConsoles. Each of these can be configured individually, so you could setup each mixer to support different sets of channels - which might help.

That’s right. In every single MixConsole, you can setup different Track Visibility, different Zones, and different Agents (filters).