Consolidate Audio to Project Folder

I’ve been using Soundminer on an doff for a short while now, and just realised using spot to track and the Steinberg SKI it doesn’t actually copy audio to the project folder - it in fact copies it to My Documents.

I’ve changed this now so it doesn’t happen any more, but I now have a bunch of projects with audio spread across the drive.

Is there a way I can copy everything from a projects audio pool to it’s own audio folder?

I know I can do this with backup project, but I’d have to create a duplicate of every project to do this - hoping theres a way I can do it within the pool itself without having to create a whole new project.


In the pool use : prepare archive.
Be careful, though!
Nuendo wants to make all edits permanent (checked per default in the upcoming dialog box), which is usually NOT what I want, because it will mess up “save as” versions.
Don’t forget to save your session to update the file references after the process has finished.