Consolidate multi-bar rests not working with condensing

Hello, I’m working in Dorico 3.1 on a large orchestral score and I need to use both the condensing function and the “consolidate multi-bar rests” function. Strangely, the “consolidate multi-bar rests” function works perfectly when condensing is disabled, but it doesn’t work at all when condensing is active, even if both result enabled in layout options. How can I fix it?

Welcome to the forum, giamir. In general, it’s certainly possible to have both multi-bar rests and condensing enabled. It would probably be easiest to diagnose your problem if you could please zip up and attach the project (or a cut-down version of it) here, so we can take a look at the project itself.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply, here’s the score.

Thanks for attaching your project. This is a bug, I’m afraid: it should be possible for Dorico to show multi-bar rests and have condensing active at the same time, but if you have divisi strings in your project then it won’t work as designed at present. We are mulling a small update to fix the issue with NotePerformer that some Windows users have been experiencing, and as and when that update arrives, it will include a fix for this problem.

Good to know, thanks

I’d like to point out that consolidating rests has been hit-and-miss since the beginning of Dorico.

The specific problem described in this thread is fixed in the recent Dorico 3.5.12 update.

@pianojoe, perhaps you can say a little more about the nature of the problems you’ve been experiencing, preferably including an example project, and we should be able to help. If it’s not specifically related to the combination of condensing and multi-bar rests, then it would probably be best to start a new thread for your problem. I look forward to seeing it and (hopefully) to being able to help you.