Consolidate samples to project folder?

Gah, i’m just missing this somehow…

I start a random project in my defaul ‘messing’ project folder, start to jam, drag in a few samples etc and then decide i like what i have. So, i save as, create a folder and then save into there.

Now… i still have some random samples now sitting outside of this folder. The media pool also points to the original folder i started jamming in. In Cubase of old, there was a ‘consolidate’ option to bring all samples being used wherever they may be on your drive and copy them into your current project directory and relink. Is this now not possible and do i now have to do the ‘backup’ thing, create a backup folder, and then once done go out and delete the old one?

Hoping it’s more simple than this…?


There was never a “Consolidate” function in Cubase afaicr – maybe you’re thinking of protools?

Maybe you’re looking for Preparing Archives