Consolidated rests in drum parts

I have a number of situations like this (I am using a “regular” staff, not an actual percussion staff):

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 7.44.44 AM

It’s clearer in this kind of situation, in my experience, to maintain the separate rests above the staff for the rhythm cues, and still keep the rests on the staff with the rhythm slashes as well. I know I can manually move all of these, but it’s a good amount of work—and in some cases, because of the “ends voice” property to hide other rests, there is no way to show both rests without first clearing everything in the measure and then rewriting it so that I have actual rests in both layers.

I can select all rests in the layer and set them at position X all at once, except that “filter>rests” selects bar rests as well, and I suspect that must be why I do not see the rest position option in the properties panel. Can anyone recommend a solution?

There’s a Notation Option for whether or not to consolidate coincident rests of the same duration.

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for the quick reply! I do know about that option, but it’s flow-wide, correct? I only need it for the drum staff, and do still want to maintain consolidation on piano staves, etc.

Is there a way to only select non-bar rests, or deselect bar rests?

Edit > Filter > Rests ? Although that also picks up bar rests.

That’s what I was afraid of. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to move them all one at a time. Thanks.

They are alt-clickable too. Depending on the situation, I’m not sure if that’s faster or not, but that’s at least another workflow option I often end up using with these. Gif below:


To speed that up, I created a custom key command via the json file. But your method seems just as fast. By the way, in your example I see you have not separated the eighth rests on the downbeats. Would you normally do this? I always keep them separate, but I’m wondering if you have a method you prefer for that?

I usually consolidate them, unless they aren’t clear, but you’re right, for some reason that does look sorta funny in 6/8. Maybe keeping them is better here.

Thanks. I was able to figure out how to make a key command to set the “rest pos.” at +6, so that does at least speed things up a tad.

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