Consolidating/Grouping Measures of Slash Notation for a Drum Chart

I’m creating a simple chart for a drummer, where I only want to show the duration of the various sections, with slashes. So, instead of writing 16 bars of slash marks for the first verse of a song, I want to abbreviate that to a staff-length measure of slash marks with a “16” at the top, to indicate, “play for 16 bars.” This is not the same as using repeats. I don’t know the terminology for this, so I can’t figure out how to do it.

Dorico doesn’t currently have a feature to consolidate slash regions in part layouts, I’m afraid; it can do this for bar repeats, but not for slashes. You could export your drum part via File > Export > Flows so that you have a separate project containing only your drum part, then delete the bars you don’t want to see and manually add the bar count above the remaining bar of slashes, but obviously the downside of this is that you’ll need to then maintain any further differences introduced by further editing of the main project by hand.

Thank you. I appreciate knowing that. Now at least I won’t go insane trying to find what’s not there.