Consolidating Old Cubase Recordings

I’m looking for some help here. When I first got into recording back in 2006, I bought a presonus interface that came with a copy of Cubase 4 lte (lite.) I recorded a lot of songs with that back then. I switched to a different DAW back in 2012. I want to get those tracks all consolidated so I can import them into my current recording situation. The lite version of cubase I used then will not allow me to do that. I don’t want to purchase a new license for Cubase. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You could of course just install a demo version of Cubase 12, then you have 30 days time to convert your old projects. Of course you will have problems if you had third party plugins in your projects, as C12 doesn’t load 32bit plugins, and even some of the old Cubase internal plugins are not available anymore.
What is the problem with your old version that it doesn’t allow you to “consolidate” the projects? And what exactly do you mean by “consolidate”? If your C4 still runs and opens the projects, you could render all the tracks one by one as audio. Tedious work, of course, but it should be possible.

… but, if you did, the current promotion (until March 28, 2023) would allow you to upgrade Cubase LE4 to Cubase Elements 12 for only $30.

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