Constant Background Noise Being Picked Up (Stereo Input)

Hi, I am new here but have been using Cubase for a number of years now. I currently use Cubase Elements 7.

I have noticed on all laptops I have used Cubase on the same issue. Basically, I always notice a constant noise being picked up on the stereo input channel. I have disable my laptop mic and have no audio input equipment attached, so no noise should be getting picked up. However, the left of the 2 audio activity registers on the transport panel, as well as the stereo input channel on the main mixer has a constantly moving register. It is clearly picking up sounds made near the laptop, as well as the internal noise the laptop makes.

I have uploaded a video of the issue here:

How can I stop this happening? Does it even matter? I am trying to improve the quality of my (terrible) mixes so decided that I will finally learn about Cubase properly.

Appreciate any help,

Based on the video you sent, Stereo In is picking up signal from your mic. To verify that the mic is not being picked up by Cubase, I would suggest going to Devices, VST Connections, Inputs, and changing your Stereo In to “Not Connected”.

We do not officially support devices that do not have a dedicated ASIO driver. That said, I would suggest using the free driver from since your laptop card likely does not have a dedicated ASIO driver. You can switch to this driver in Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System.

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. Switched all the VST inputs to “not connected” and the mic rumbling has stopped.

As for asio4ALL, I have already been using this so I am familiar.