Constant crash when closing Nuendo

After the 6.0.4 update Nuendo crashes everytime I close it!
Before it did not!

crash crash crash whenever I close Nuendo.
n6 does not seem to be suitable for my system.

I see in your sig you have a Novation product.
If you are using Automap, this could be causing the problem. I had the same issue.
Un install Automap, then re install it. This fixed it for me.
I was also told that whenever you update software that uses Automap, you need to do that.

Hey, you got it!
I just disabled Automap and crashing stopped.
Thank you very much!

Quite buggy this automap, I had several issues in the past. But at the moment the only tool which allows me to remote control offline plugins in Nuendo.

Thanks again!

I think that Automap may have some issues with 64-bit systems or 64-bit DAWs. I believe I asked Novation about this some time ago and got no helpful answers so I got rid of it.

Have you asked Novation about 64-bit compatibility?

Actually, this is the opposite of my experience.

6.0.3 crashed on quit every time requiring an OSX force quit.
6.0.4 fixed this and Nuendo now closes without hanging!

I had a thread about this here and on other forums and everyone would tell me about the Novation Automap issue- didn’t help me as I don’t use Novation for that very reason- perhaps its was causing your hangs though.


Did you run the latest 6.0.4 update? We have addressed a crash issue with this update.