Constant CRASHES on Cubase 9.5.3 artist

Hello everyone ,
I just bound a brand new computer and cubase artist

I am on windows 10 (64bits) ; AMD RYZEN 5

My problem is that when i work like 20 min on cubase it crashes without leaving a dump file ; I updated cubase and i got some dmp files but a few days later he began to crash without leaving dmg files, right . I looked on the forum about this problem , and the only way out seems to be uninstalling AMG driver

I am trying to contact steinberg by phone , tells me number unavailable , and no email …

Someone found a way to fix this crash problems ?? Or anybody can advise me , i don’t know much about computer science except cubase

Pardon my english , Thanks In Advance !

Hi and welcome,

You mentioned, some *.dmp file has been crated. Could you share the, please?

What graphics card do you have, please? Could you try to install an older graphics card driver, please?