constant crashing plugs not loading properly

Hi guy, ive been having a real nightmare with cubase for quite some time. ive emailed steinberg support but have not had an answer. soooo…

My problem is my VST plug ins seem to be crashing cubase. this seems to be frequent when closing one project, then opening another. when its loading all the instruments, it will get stuck on one and give me an error saying something like could not access enough memory to load kontakt for instance (although it seems to be random plug ins, even padshop which is a built in). a reboot is need. Also, i’ll find im working on a project for so long, then suddenly all my plugs start acting up. the control knobs dont move on the instruments, even though you can hear them working, nothing on the instrument display. sometimes just a blank window… obviously this is unworkable.

No cracked software, im running cubase 7.5, windows 7 64bit. doesnt seem to make a difference whether i try using cubase in 32 or 64 bit i get the same problem. I7 processor 8Gb RAM. All drivers are up to date. ive tried running a RAM diagnostic which said there were no issues with my memory. have also done a cubase reinstall which if anything has made the problem worse!?!?

im lost

8 GB are not that much for some huge Kontakt libraries. What did the windows task manager show on RAM usage?

hmm not sure i havent checked that. although its not just Kontakt thats causing it i dont think that was just an example. last night i opened up a padshop, which then crashed. when i try to open the project again when its loading the VSTs it gets stuck on padshop and wont load any further

another thing that might be worth mentioning, i built the PC myself, well a mate helped me. im not so technically minded haha

It depends on the RAM usage of the whole cubase projekt. Also Padshop can use a lot RAM. Please take a look at the task manager while running your projects. I have a lot of projects with 15 GB and more RAM usage. Also the system needs some RAM. So you need to render or freeze some of your VSTi-Tracks, or you need to enlarge your RAM memory.

there is no way im rendering stuff ill be here all day. i did not have this issue with my old pc and a crack version of cubase. my new pc has much better spec and legal copy of cubase so i cant understand why this is happening

And you are shure you’re running the same plugs and software on you’re old PC? Again, check your system performance in the windows task manager.

yeah i will check the CPU performance when im next on it. i know for fact that my PC should be able to cope with all the plug ins i have. my mate who i make tunes with has very similar spec to me and runs tons more plug ins than me and we never have these issues round his. someone has mentioned virtual memory settings to me, which im gonna look into

Check the RAM usage first, then the CPU Performance…

i think ive found that the problem is that 32bit cubase has a memory limit of 4gb??? so with the amount of plug ins im using its maxing that out. been running in 64 bit and all seems stable so far… i recently added some quite cpu heavy instruments so im guessing thats why this problem has become worse. never did understand the whole 32/64bit thing, im a little more clear on it now. nice one