Constant crashing

I have 10.0.10 build 100 and and recorded two audio tracks of guitar via UR44 with a virtual drum kit. While recording or playing back Cubase often starts to get into a death stutter for a few seconds and then the whole application spontaneously shuts down. This is happening very frequently about every 5 minutes or so. I have a powerful PC I had built as a DAW. Any ideas?

(dear moderator, I’ve saw the “Issues” forum after posting here and have duplicated this there)


Are crash dump files created (located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder)? If yes, could you attach it, please?
Hi here’s a link to the crash dump files. The most recent files created when Cubase crashed as per my post.

To enable other forum members and users to help or offer advice I would suggest it would be useful to know:

Computer spec (see below)
What platform you are using (see below)
Vst instrument (for drums) used when problem occurs
Inserts used when problem occurs
If you have updated your elicenser

Is Cubase the first DAW you have used or have you come across from the “dark side” and migrated from another software manufacturer?

I have a standard, off the shelf, HP all in one computer running latest Windows and have absolutely zero issues with Cubase Pro10

Jim B

Win 10 Pro 64 bit PC i7 8700K 3.7 Ghz 32GB RAM (built by shop which has built many DAW PCs)
Gigabyte H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFi MoBo
UR44 interface
Running Addictive Drums 2, a stock basic beat.
Inserts were Spark plugin by Mercuriall for guitar, one instance on each track
3 tracks total. 2 guitar tracks 1 x AD2 VST track.


All crashes are in the Bassforge_Hellraiser.

Please make sure the plug-in is up to date. If yes, informt the vendor, please.

Forgot about Bassforge inserts, thanks. I contacted Steinberg & they also asked for these files.