Constant Cubase 10.5 Crashes on Mac OS Ventura - help!

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Loyal longtime Cubase user here. I’m mainly on Windows these days, but I had to travel and do some remote mixing work, and also I practice my music with .vst’s often so I took my laptop with me which is a Mac. In the past on older OS’s I never had any problems with Cubase. Mixed an entire record on it while traveling before. I did not change which Cubase version I am using but I did change the OS. Constant crashes now… Seems sometimes related to what plugins I am using but on the other hand everything is updated and should be working together. I am so frustrated! I already trashed prefs, deleted Cubase, all pref files, and completely reinstalled it again.

I have attached the crash reports .ips files. Please, someone help!

Computer is late 2019 Macbook Pro i7 Intel running Ventura OS 13.3.1 (a)
Cubase version 10.5.3 latest update

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Cubase 10.5-2024-01-15-022110.ips (976 Bytes)
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-15-021937.ips (976 Bytes)
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-13-021133.ips (1016 Bytes)
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-12-235844.ips (1016 Bytes)
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-15-185926.ips (976 Bytes)

Here are two more crash reports. Please, any guidance will help me! Do I wipe the computer and go back to the original OS? That would be a huge PIA but I’m willing to do anything to avoid using other DAWs. All of my work templates are already setup in Cubase. And they are not easy to recreate…
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-10-035020.ips (1016 Bytes)
Cubase 10.5-2024-01-10-034624.ips (1016 Bytes)

Hi @MIDIBoss

Sorry to hear about your crashes. I am unsure what is happening in the process but these IPS files are not matching the proper standard. Are you sure you’re getting them from the console utility?

That being said, technically we do not support 10.5 anymore so I would suggest to upgrade to the latest version, at least in trial to see whether this issue is still happening.



Cubase 10.5 has never been officially compatible with macOS 13. The latest supported OS version was macOS 11.

Totally agree.

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Hi @Armand and @Martin.Jirsak - Thank you very much for your responses. Yes, I took the .ips files from the console app. I dragged them to desktop, then uploaded them here. Is that not the correct way to do it?

Anyway, wow, I didn’t realize OS 11 was the last officially supported OS for Cubase 10.5. I’ve been trying to avoid updating Cubase because I like it on 10.5 and it does everything I need it to do. Very well, too.

Is Cubase 12 supported on Mac OS 13 and 14?

Drag. I will try the demo of Cubase 13 I guess, but I’m not crazy about the look of it at all and I have been careful to update because I read a bunch of horror stories here about it basically being broken/constantly crashing like what I am currently experiencing.

I am thinking about wiping my laptop and just starting over with the factory OS. Or maybe updating it to OS 11 and just using that with 10.5 until I can’t anymore. It worked very stable on that OS.

May I ask you since I have you here- In the future, how will I know when my version of Cubase needs to be held up to a certain OS update? Because honestly, I had no idea I was trying to run 10.5 on an unsupported system. How can I find that information out in the future when I am pondering OS updates?

To be fair, I didn’t want to update my OS at all. I think it was something to do with my RME interface or something, there was a reason I needed to do it and I can’t remember what it is now. But I want to avoid this sort of incompatibility issue in the future.

All best, and thank you,

Hi @MIDIBoss

Cubase 10.5’s last minor update was released on March 11, 2021[1] whereas Mac OS 12 was released the same year later on in October.[2]

We usually make it clear that one specific minor update is the last update of one generation. From this point on we therefore do not officially support future OS versions.

Cubase 12 supports Mac OS 13 for sure. As of Mac OS 14 I am quite unsure since the latest minor update of Cubase 12 was released prior to the release of Mac OS 14 but the version may be upgraded in the near future. Generally speaking I would not recommend to upgrade to a previous version and to go with the latest one to ensure optimal compatibility and support throughout the years to come.

[1] Cubase 10.5 Release Notes | Steinberg
[2] Apple Releases macOS Monterey With AirPlay to Mac, Live Text, Safari Updates, Shortcuts App and More - MacRumors