Constant Direct Output


I am noticing something i did not before. With my UR44, all the latest driver and anciliary software installed, when I use Cubase, monitoring is as one would expect, I have direct monitoring turned off and monitor through the DAW, I have enough horsepower that latency is not generally an issue.

But today, I decided for the first time, I would run Reaper on this machine. Immediately I noticed that direct monitoring does not seem to be switchable off. Regardless of the DSPmix settings the DAW channel), my inputs are being fed to my master outs (L,R) on the UR44 all the time, and what’s even more bizarre is that the guitar I have plugged into input one (Hi-Z), the pot is not even turned up and I can clearly hear my guitar.

I checked the windows driver settings, windows sound settings, everything is normal. It makes me feel like something is wrong with the hardware, yet as soon as I launch Cubase, it behaves as any other interface I have worked with.

Anyone have any ideas, this is puzzling me. :confused:

After some more searching, I did find that to correct this for other DAWs you need to solo the DAW channel in the dsp mixer.

But I still find it bizarre that even with my PC off, my UR44 while still powered on, will retain the last monitoring settings it had when you powered down the computer. Effects and all.


But I have what I need. :sunglasses:

One last comment on this…

And its a feature request, so may have to post this someplace else, a switch in the DSPmix application to disable hardware monitoring instead of having to “solo” the DAW strip.