Constant "EXC_BAD_ACCESS" under macOS w/ Komplete Audio 6

I got my Cubase Pro 8.5 suddenly quit while editing in the track view. This issue happened 4 times today.

Here comes my crash reports, hope that you Cubase team have started compatibility tests with current macOS Sierra Developer Beta (but not postpone waiting until this October):


I will have a look.


  1. You are using Mac OS X 10.12 (unsupported so far). Could be some incompatibility here.
  2. All crashes are in the same area (so it’s one crash, in fact).
  3. I made an entry in the Steinberg bug-tracker-system.

Thanks. I am not asking for immediate support on this (since I know your official support only covers those systems you confirmed in public) but just offer these information to help you people prepare for making Cubase compatible with macOS 10.12 in the near future. It will be good if you could find it is the bug from macOS so that Apple could solve it earlier.

Exactly, thank you.

Your welcome. Note that today I met this issue again thrice: the first twice were when I tried to solo or desolo a track being edited for a certain period of time; the third time is triggered only when I select another track in the track view.

Update: During those crashes in the last two days, I was using Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 as my audio interface (class-compliant device, no driver needed). However, today I was working on my projects with the built-in audio of my laptop (MacBook pro mid-2014 15-inch discrete model) and this issue still hadn’t happened yet.


But the Build-in Audio Device is also using class-compliant drivers. Doesn’t it?

That’s why I am wondering whether this is a compatibility issue with certain device. (Especially the USB3 power managing could cause problems under certain circumstances.)

P.S.: I borrowed my friends’ UR22-mkII and have found it works pretty bad with my laptop (constantly BSOD under macOS, hindering my laptop from being booted up successfully, etc.)… I need to borrow an Apogee Duet to test it since Duet is also class-compliant.