Constant media bay issues Cubase 13.0.2

Ever since updating I am having non stop issues with media bay.
Can’t remember the last time I didn’t see orange or red >

Like wth

I now have 10000 of the same folder

Like how do you struggle with your own factory content…

Orange folders indicate that the folders get scanned.
To scan the Applications folder isn’t a good idea, since this is a macOS folder that should not get scanned.
Red folder symbols indicate subfolders that can’t get scanned or files with errors.
That will always happen on system folders.

You break it by yourself and blame Steinberg for your bullshit?

I think you struggle with your own inability. Clicking on everything was never a good idea.

Haha. Im one to take responsibility. So if it was me I’ll put my hand up. But I would never have clicked anything if that HD folder wasn’t red. General rule of life: green is good, orange is processing, red is error. I tend to not click things for fear of this situation I am now sadly in. Multiples of myself…ontrei…ontrei…ontrei
Generally looking through the forum as well it seems like media bay is one of the last vestiges left from the old times that needs some tlc*