Constant MIDI Pulse on Transport and Selected MIDI Track

Hello All,

I am using Cubase Artist v.9 with MIDI instruments interfaced via a Yamaha 01v96i Mixer/DAW controller. The system is clocked at 48 kHz via the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO Driver.

Midi Channels in Cubase are showing constant click/pulse activity even when all systems are not being used (I assume this is the word clock signal).

I would like to prevent Cubase from showing this pulse but have not been able to find a solution online. I cannot see the wood for the trees when trying to monitor desired MIDI activity while this issue remains.

There are many accounts of this issue but no solution as far as I am able to ascertain.

Please can someone tell me how to stop Cubase displaying MIDI clock data on the MIDI meters?

Many thanks :confused:

You can’t
Some midi gear output a keep alive signal, that is how it is, nothing anybody can do about it.
Short of redesigning the midi controller/keyboard/gear.