Constant "No Licence Found" : Please explain Offline Licence?

Can some one please explain the offline process for licences because that might solve my issue.
Often i’ll be in a Cubase Pro 12 session, i use song templates, most of the time, then i click on Groove agent, and it says no licence found. I quite and restart and it’s there. This also happens quite a lot for Cubase Pro 12, and of course, my activation manager is online and everything is activated. i’ll spare you the obvious screenshot.
Offline licence would be ideal, even if it has to ping the server every once in a while, is that how offline licences work?
Cubase Pro 12, Windows 11, z690 system, RME interface,

I mostly have my computer online but I have had no problems running Cubase with no internet for a few days, I don’t remember how many days before you need to go online again.

you can activate the offline computers:
Steinberg Licensing: Offline Activation – Steinberg Support