Constant Reverb on My Steinberg UR22C

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie to home recording. I am having an issue of constant reverb with my Steinberg URC 22 Interface. The reverb is too much and makes recording difficult because it sounds like latency. I have tried it on multiple computers and DAWS so it is definitely something to do with the interface. Any idea what to do. When I go DSP mix fx it says ‘no device found’.

Make sure the driver is installed, not only DSPmixFX.

I don’t mean to be rude, but please take this as a genuine advice meant to help.

These questions and so many others can be answered by reading the manuals and/or search for previous posts on the same subject.

Luckily, some members like st10ss seem to have an infinite patience and will answer any point questions, but you will still reach a deeper, and often very useful! understanding of your gear and SW by investing time to read the manuals, cover to cover, albeit in diagonals.