Constant Steinberg VST licence errors

If Cubase crashes on quitting (which it does); after a reboot I will get:

  1. “A required licence for Beatbox content cannot be found” (GA4?)
    2." A required licence for Halion Symphonic cannot be found" (I installed this as a demo and then purchased it. Huuge mistake, since both the expired demo and the valid licence exist on my soft-elicenser.
  2. “Please locate the following .vstsound file” A Reverence file, which is present, but will not be recognized.

Any kind of maintenance fixes things for a few days.

This is happening in the middle of a really big project and I feel like switching to Studio 4.

Can I delete the soft e-license? What do I do about the Halion demo license? Why isn’t Cubase recognizing the .vstsoundfile?

Thanks, fellow digital voyagers . . . .

Fixed it.

  1. Uninstall Groove Agent One.
  2. Downloaded the e-licenser helper and deleted my soft e-license
  3. Re-installed REVerence content
  4. Applied updates to HALion, Sonic and Cubase 9.5