Constantly loosing audio and making noise in audio tracks

What the hell those UR22 china made devices.
Why in the world with a z97 4790K 32GB of ram and SSD in raids and in not raid and with the minimum exes and services running in windows 7 64 bity, why in the world the ur22 is constantly stopping or making noisee griiiiiz inside the audio tracks, and/or pausing while playing.
In a AI 7 or ai 8 project I import a file (say a iron maiden wav or mp3, tried both) and when recordgin with the mp3 or wav song playing every n secvonds (say 2, 5, 10 or wo knows, sometimes (85% of times) it makes noises it slowwly then continue…

Thats cubase and his machines ??
I think i need to say goodbywe steinberg or what the hell is doing theis china made devices ??

I tried in other USB port, now seems to work. Braro Braro, Brrarooo