Constrain Delay comp. don't get it (anymore)


I thought I understood Constrain Delay Compensation (CDC) in N11.
I have a track that is set at -400ms (for MSS that has a look-ahead feature that is -400ms)
When I play normally the midi is sent 400ms in advance. But if I activate CDC … it would be sent at 0ms and allow me to playback a track while playing over it to record other layer or add things after it. So it would not be synced to tempo but at least I can play live. While deactivating CDC would but back the midi-400ms and the sound in sync with tempo…

I mean that was how I was using it and it was fine.
But with N12 I can’t get that working. I have to manually put the “Track Delay in Millisecond” at 0 for each track I want to play over…
Am I doing something wrong ?

good moment to mention that with or without CDC, a “bypass” feature on the “Track Delay in Millisecond” would be helpful. like you click on the clock icon and it turns off (0ms) or on (back to your setting)
Advance option would be to have a dropdown menu on the “Track Delay in Millisecond” and being able to link different offset settings trigered by some specific Keyswitch So that using some instrument keyswitch on the track (i’m thinking kontakt samples here) the track is automatically compensated according to this specific articulation rather than manually adjusting every note you play on your midi track (result difficulties when copypasting bars etc…)

CDC is the bypass feature…

I cannot say anything about your workflow in the past, but it sounds that you try to “bypass” the track delay you set in the inspector of the tracks by enabling CDC, but that does not work.
CDC only deals with Insert Plugins. (And Inserts of groups, with realtime relevant audio being sent to)


Understood (although I can’t get it work for some reason in N12)
But having an additional bypass per track (like I described) would allow to keep CDC active on other tracks while A/B the setting on one specific track you are setting up.

understood… Yeah I see this with fabfilter L2 plugin being deactivated … but I really remember in N11 using it as st10ss says to bypass track delay setting on an instrument track… but I just can’t get it to work on N12
no mater the CDC status I always experiment the offset on all VSTI tracks.

I did a litlle video. Sorry I couldn’t manage to export the clic. But because it’s -400ms it’s quite obvious looking at timeline what is going on.
CDC on or off doesn’t change the delay of my VSTI (kontakt MSS strings)
I have to manually put “0” in the Delay track in ms. with N11 I would just clic CDC on, and the strings would sound like if I had set “0” in the delay trakc ofset like 1t10ss says.