Constrain to Horizontal Axis The Setting & Dragging of Automation Points - No?

From what I understand from one mention here, there is supposed to be a Constrain Direction function that can work if one holds the CTRL key? It does appear to work in the piano roll, but one must start dragging first, and then press CTRL (assuming the note hasn’t already accidentally been raised or lowered, which is unlikely unless one is zoomed out pretty far).

But one thing I am missing here is the ability to Constrain the direction of either placement of new or dragging of existing automation points. For the latter there are workarounds for creating similar patterns (the square tool) but I can see it being useful for creating interesting automation, when combined with some other modifiers. For instance if one wishes to create volume automation for a not-quite-full gating effect - the effect seems to me to work especially well if the volume isn’t changing, or is changing in a smooth diagonal. But there is no grid-snapping in the x-y axes in automation tracks is there? So constraining the movement while clicking points and that sort of thing is the standard in art programs - I wonder if it would be useful in Cubase?

Do you have any thoughts


It works the very same way for the Automation Nodes. Move the Automation Node down and then press the Ctrl/Cmd down.