Constraint Direction bug?

For some reason if I set Preferences/Editing/Tool Modifiers/Drag & Drop/Copy=CTRL, it STILL doesn’t SNAP :frowning: I have of course set the Constraint Direction=none. It’s like Constraint Direction is there anyway.

Exactly the same problem as before :frowning:

I’m running Cubase 7.0.7


I think it’s because CTRL is also a ‘set’ modifier to temporarily disable snap in some instances.

A hidden “feature” then? :slight_smile: Makes no sense if that is the case. Why did they add an option for “Constraint Direction” then? It was not there in the first releases of Cubase 7, which explains why it didn’t work back then. But now there is an option. WHY can’t I be able to assign my copy-key to CTRL like in the Cubase 6? I have no use for it if it doesn’t SNAP!! Period!