Construction Kits (Help)

Hi folks,

i wondered if anyone has used (or is familiar with) Construction Kit software aside from the range offered by Steinberg.

i have been looking on a site called TIME SPACE and they offer a huge catalogue of such materials in almost every genre imaginable.

i am gaining experience now in working with the Steinberg Construction Kits (purchased via the Steinberg online shop) and i find them very easy to manipulate and turn into compositions suitable for my needs etc. However, i have no idea if similar products offered by other manufacturers work in this same convenient way ?? Obviously the Steinberg/Sequel libraries work and marry up with everything within Cubase, but i am not at all sure if when purchasing such software of another brand will everything fall into place in the same way or will it require much configuring ??

i appears that there are two types of Format for these packages on the Time Space website, Construction Kits and Loops. But i am really not sure what the fundamental differences are between these two and which type would be best for me personally. i have Cubase Artist 6 on a Dell PC running Windows 7. As i have done with the Steinberg Construction Kits, i would like to be able to make my own backing tracks (as mp3 or Wav) comprising the Audio Files pieced together (transposed, speeded/slowed, etc) to produce lengthy composistions. And as i play keyboards, i need to be able to MUTE (or have the option of not including) any such keyboard parts (eg. Piano) of which i will be performing myself.

Thanks a lot and i hope someone is able to advise me accordingly…