Construction of user manuals

I noticed that the CUBASE user manual is built mainly on the description of each parameter, explaining that this button has such an effect, that you can add an effect by selecting such an option…in audio and at MIDI. it’s clear- ok
What would be better is to have a manual for each project. let me explain .
I want to record a piece of Jazz for example. I need a piano sound, a bass guitar sound for example, a drum sound… How am I going to build my model?
A diagram on the audio or midi connections would already be a preamble… then in CUBASE
I first record the piano chords… I refine the sound… I record the bass in rhythm with the piano…so we would have a dynamic construction of the use of the software, which would facilitate the use computer-assisted music, and thus make it more playful, and STEINBERG could boost these sales…
The current user manuals are too heavy and we do not see the richness of the functionalities when they are activities because we do not start on a project basis and we do not see the bricks which pile up and which enrich the rendering of the recording .; this is my feeling…
at ARTURIA, it’s the same…
Maybe STEINBERG will offer me to rewrite all the manuals!!



Add the feature request tag, please.

But this is impossible. In such a complex system as Cubase is, there are so many use cases, you can’t even imagine.

There is a whole market for education on how to use Cubase. The manual is not the right place. I think youtube is a good source for free learning stuff, and there is lot on Steinbergs own channels.

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Hopefully not, but it you feel you have something useful to offer, write a book and sell it.
If it’s as good as you think, everybody will be happy, including you.

I did get a book on Cubase and it’s been very useful (“The Complete Guide to Music Technology Using Cubase 11”).

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That sounds like you need to seek out some specialty ‘How to make Jazz in your DAW’ tutorials. The manual for Cubase is just like the manual for my MPC, it describes all of the features available to you, it does the job its supposed to do. How you use them beyond that is up to you and your particular use case. Steinberg doesn’t need to print a ‘How to use Cubase for jazz’ manual, and a ‘How to use Cubase for drum and bass’, ‘How to use Cubase for heavy metal’, etc… Cubase is a tool, and the manual tells you how to use the tool perfectly fine, what you actually do with the tool is outside of that scope.