....consumed by another user [SOLVED?]

Hi, I have just upgraded my Macbook, as it was struggling on resources. In order to keep this device running I deleted VST Live + Steinberg Download assistant.
Still no luck, so I bought a new MAcbook, and used Migration Assistant.
When I tried my Steinberg code on my new MB, it says this code is consumed by another user. I want to acees Retrologuge, padshop etc, however, I need to wipe my MAcbook Pro so I can resell it. As per help, I have contacted our local distrributor, being Yamaha Australia, who as yet have not responded. Is there anyone here from Steinberg, that can advise me what to do next, as I purchased this new unit on a high interest Credit Card, and need to resell my M1 MBPRo ASAP, but worried I might upset something.

Hi @Darug , just an idea: entering to my steinberg and try to Deactivate on unavaiable computers?

I tried. No computers in use.

Hi @Darug,

where did you bought VST Live? Yamaha Australia? Then I guess you need to contact them. Or did you bought it online at the Steinberg website? Then please contact me. PM. I need a full address, your mail address and so on.

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Thank you.

You do not need to re-enter the Download Access Code; as you have realised, doing so will not work.

To install software protected by Steinberg Licensing on another computer, install Steinberg Download Assistant, log in and install your software. If your licences don’t activate automatically, open Steinberg Activation Manager and log in. That’s all you need to do - no codes are necessary.

Appears to be solved. I installed the program using my EDU email address, however I was using my normal email. Appears to be ok. :slight_smile:

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BAd News. When I open up HALION SE, it says 'Licrence not found, please refer to Steinberg Download Manager.
Steinberg Download Manager says that VST PRo is activated as per January 23rd.

I’ve tried dowloading Halion again via Steinberg Download Assistant, still no luck.

I noticed that Halion 7 is there now, but it doesn’t seem to have any content.

Retrologue seems to work intermittently, as does Padshop, however the screen display does not seem correct? Most items are blank.

… can you please post a screenshot about the “license no found”?


Here it is. :wink:

Then this is the image from Halion 7.

I just want these sounds working again.

Everyone tells me Apple is so easy, but this is why I own a Samsung, not an iPhone.

Very frustrated, at this end and need new solutions. I abandoned Rolands sound library becuase they require intermittent checking. This is inconvenient when you are at a remote gig and don’t have a wifi/phone reception.

… okay, thank you. Now I need a screenshot about your license. Start “Steinberg Activation Manager” and create a sreenshot. You can PM me, if you do not like to send your info about licenses.

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