Contact Details for Head of Customer Support Needed

I am very unhappy about the poor manner in which Steinberg have (not) dealt with my technical support question for over two months and, to be honest, my patience as a PAYING CUSTOMER has run out.

I am no longer prepared to wait any longer so want to elevate my complaint to someone in the company with the authority to do something about it.

Can someone provide a good e-mail contact address for the head of Customer support? They seem to hide behind the ‘My Steinberg’ website with no contact details.

If anyone from Steinberg is reading this, please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks.

A very unhappy Cubase user. is one official address.

Have you posted your question/issue on the forum? You might get a quick answer, depending on what it is.

Hi Steve. Thanks for replying.

To answer your question, yes.

It has now gone beyond just an issue of being fixed, it’s an issue of what I consider to be very poor customer service. No-one at Steinberg has bothered to take time to even acknowledge the problem. A moderator has tried to help but posting a link to a video that explains VST performance didn’t help what I recognise isn’t a simple issue.

I replied in your other thread. Just fyi, Joshua is a US support guy who tried to pick up some slack, he normally would deal only with users in the USA. He probably has tons of requests in his queue, so I can’t blame him for not watching the thread.

There are a ton of super knowledgeable PC geeks here, hopefully someone will have some ideas for you.

Steve, thanks again. Please don’t misunderstand my position - I am grateful for the support I have had from everyone and I have no issue with anyone who has stepped in to help: Joshua, you, et al

My issue is now with Steinberg. They have had my money for a product which I bought and for which I made sure my PC had the minimum specification for the job. I have approached Steinberg for help through their specified process and at no point in the 2 months since I did so has anyone bothered to respond. I know the support team are busy but a simple ‘holding’ answer is not an unreasonable expectation for good customer relations; it at least gives an impression of customer care.

Maybe there’s a different model for customer care in Germany or the US but in all of my years of customer-facing service, I always made sure that I acknowledged a customer’s issue and never just through a forum.