Contacting the Steinberg Engineer Team


I would like to discuss, communicate with the Engineer Team of Steinberg.
I want the contact details, email addresses, send me with P.M. (personal message).

Julio F.

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I’m sure many others would like that as well.

What is it that makes you so special that you can request such information?

Not to say that you don’t deserve to … but, seriously, why do you need direct contacts?

I am nobody, if anybody. Just a curious soul …

… a very unique first post to the forums.


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The website do not have a contact form for Engineer Team of Steinberg.
This is why I am asking here.

Who are you, and why do you need those contacts?

This is a user to user forum, primarily. I seriously doubt you are going to find the hookup you are looking for here.

Do you realize how many forum members would love to have a direct, personal contact to the Steinberg “engineers”?

You have not answered my question.
How to contact the Engineer Team ?

I suppose, it depends on the team you’re looking for. There is no single development team but several ones for different applications. The Dorico team, for example, is pretty active in the Dorico forum and you can contact them there or via PM. Also, the developers of SpecraLayers are reachable via their forum.
The generic way would be to write an email to the address given on the website and ask if and how it’s possible to get in direct contact with a specific team.

You’re going to have to dig around for the personal e-mail addresses of individual dev team members. Those aren’t going to be posted on a product-support forum. You’re also going to have to introduce yourself, and offer something deeper than a product support question as the basis for your e-mail. Otherwise, the dev team members probably aren’t going to bother with you, because they probably have a lots and lots of e-mail to cope with already.

That you don’t have the e-mail addresses already pegs you as somebody who doesn’t work for Steinberg. That’s a problem for you.

My Dad e-mails dev-team leaders with his software questions all the time, but he always includes his credentials in his e-mail and acts extra, extra nice to get responses. Even then, there is no guarantee of responses.