Content Dorico Pro 4 install issue


I have downloaded the “Content Dorico Pro 4” from Steinberg Assistant, but I am not sure if the files were automatically moved to the right folder. My current Steinberg Assistant download folder is “Users/Me/Downloads/Steinberg”, but it is not a destination where my previous installations of Halion VST sounds (from previous versions of Dorico) are stored. Right now I think I have two folders approx. 10 GB each.

My question is: Shall I move “Content Dorico Pro 4” manually? If yes, where exactly shall I copy downloaded files to be sure Dorico 4 “sees” it?

I do not want to store the files in my default windows download folder forever.

In advance thank you for the answer!
Krzysztof A. Janczak

SDA downloads the content into the Downloads folder initially, but then copies them into the correct place using the Steinberg Library Manager, so (if it has worked correctly) you can delete the files from the Downloads directory. You can run Steinberg Library Manager as a standalone app, which will show you what has been successfully installed.

Hi Richard,

Ok, I see! Thank you for the clarification! I got confused because most files in my Steinberg Content folder are dated two (or so) yeas old, but apparently the installer copied only new files and did not overwrite the old ones. Thanks again!

I have the same question but a different problem. Since Download Assistant has never run on my Mac despite the best efforts of Support, the Library Assistant is not showing either the Dorico 4 nor the HALion 3.5 Content. So… where are those Default locations, please? Is there a way to get the Library Assistant to show them?

I’ve asked in another thread how to get my eLicenser reconciled since Download Assistant won’t run.

MasOS 12.1 Intel iMac Pro

The default locations are
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

The Library Manager doe s not show them unless you have installed something in there.

But actually, did you manage to download manually the Sounds Installer package (around 10GB)? If so, then you can do a right click on it, choose ‘Open With’ and then select the installer app. After a prompt the installer will run and put all sound files into their respective places. Done.

If not, you can also download the Sounds Installer package via our website: Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Which Installer App — Dorico 4? — Never mind, I figured it out.

Yes, I found the Downloads page and was able to get all three.