Content folder problem

I’ve just bought and downloaded Dorico 4 pro.
I installed [via Steinberg DOwnload Assistant] program
Halion SOnic SE 3.5.0 and Content Dorico Pro 4

At the moment, the Dorico Pro 4 content is in “C:\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Dorico Pro 4” folder
Is that the correct location for these files [feels wrong to stay in the Download folder]
I’ve got a bunch of .vstsound files.

SDA does initially download files into the Downloads directory, but once this is done it will (in recent versions of SDA) run all the installers itself. If this has been done then the copies in Downloads can be deleted. You can tell whether or not the installation was successful: Dorico 4 and HALion Sonic SE will both show up in your Apps & Features list in Settings, and all the vstsound files will also show up in the Steinberg Library Manager application.

Thanks for your swift reply Richard.
My problem is that I have no audio output in the program.
My driver is ASIO Hammerfall DSP [its a RME Hdspe Madi card).
I use Nuendo/Cubase/Wavelab for yonks, so am totally familiary with Steinberg setups.
All I get is a thump [sorry speakers!] for each playback note.
WHen the program initializes I get a message saying “An essential component used by DOrico for playback has not been found… … Dorico Pro 4 Sounds Installer”
I’ve just reinstalled the Dorico 4 Pro Content folder via SDA, and I have a Green bar with a tick after it verifies…but still just getting a square wav output…
Any thoughts?

Further Info:
the HSO vstsound files are in “C:\Windows\ProgramData\Steinberg\COntent\Halion\VST Sound”
There is a Dorico 4 folder below the Steinberg level of that path, with nothing in it.
Possible wrong location for the vstsound files?? [Not sure, I don’t use the HAlion instruments up to now…
Many thanks

But do you have HALion Sonic SE installed?
It should be under C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE

Hi Ulf
There is a file in the “…\VST3\Steinberg\Halion Sonic SE” folder…Halion Sonic SE 3.vst3

In “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\Halion Sonic SE”
there is a file “Halion Sonic SE.dll” and Halion Sonic SE.srf"
In Nuendo 11\ VST Plugin Manager, I have the Halion Sonic SE Plugin Version 3.7.3

Halion Sonic SE would have been on my system before the Dorico first install yesterday.
Would this influence the current situation?

Hm , yes, normally HSSE is shared between Cubendo and other apps like Dorico.
So you have HSSE 3.7 whereas the latest one should be 3.5, so something is odd here.
Can you do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? From the logs I can then see what HSSE version Dorico detects. Let’s take it from there

Dorico (2.4 MB)
Here’s the zip file Ulf

Here are the Halion Sonic entries in my Steinberg Library Manager.

I might have given you misleading info regarding the HSSE version in Cubendo.
IN the VST Version column it says 3.7.3, but in the Plug-in Information panel, it is 3.5??

Hi @andyoc , yes, I already realized that. 3.7 is the version of the SDK the plug-in got built with, and 3.5 is the version of the plug-in. But Dorico also sees ther HSSE 3.5, so it should be all fine. I also checked all the logs and things, but everything looks normal to me and I would expect sound to come out via the first stereo out of you Hammerfall.
Also contents looks like all there and available.

Please do something:

  • Open a new project from piano template.
  • Enter 4/4 as time signature, and enter some arbitrary notes
  • Switch on the metronome
  • Press the play button
    Do you hear something, maybe at least the click sound of the metronome?

Hi Ulf
Ok, we’ve made progress, I have some audio…now its down to the manual and videos to learn this beast!! Thanks for your help so far…as Arnie said “I’ll be back!!”

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