Content license check when starting cubase 12

Hello guys. I am owner of cubase pro 12 plus some extra libraries, halion 6, groove agent 5 etc .
when i open cubase 12 offline, it tries to check the libraries license every time, and it tells me “license check for content could not be completed. do you want to retry?”. Since i have all my license properly loaded in my elicenser usb dongle and the dongle is connected to the PC, why i have always to be on internet to have this check completed?

Yes, I have a similar situation, though, my computer is always online . . . still Cubase wants to check the licensing of my libraries, and Cubase 12 hangs, will not initialize when it can’t be completed.
Last time this happened, I just had to reseat my dongle, and then it passed the test and opened.

What I don’t understand is why Cubase 12 has to check the libraries at all, since I haven’t even loaded a project yet ? I’m just opening Cubase, which already has an authorized license.

Cubase 12 does not go online to check your license once it’s activated. Period.

Programs with licenses in the Elicenser do not either. It’s checking on your computer,

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that’s what i think too. i have all regular licenses on my dongle. It simply should not happen. I don’t have antivirus on my DAW so i don’t like to be always online.
With Cubase 11 with all programs in the elicenser it was working perfect. even offline.

Have you tested with 3rd Pary VSTs disabled?