"Content load library" is very slow in Cubase 10 for me

I do not know if this is a general issue or just specific to my setup. After the upgrade “Content load library” takes nearly five minutes, while in 9.5 with the same setup it was in a blink. Has anyone else experienced the same thin? If not anyone knows how to fix it?
The libraries are located n a different disk than Cobase, but it has always been the case.

Does this happen every time you start Cubase 10 or just the first time? I haven’t had this issue myself except for the very first time when I loaded Cubase 10 but I have an SSD so I wouldn’t notice as much if the load time has increased. Does it crash and not close properly? That would mean every time would be like the first time since the preferences would be corrupted. Perhaps other users can join in?