Content Loop Sets (help please ?)

Hi folks,

I have 5 x products registered to my eLicensor. These are registered in 'My Steinber’g and are currently installed and up and running on my Dell Inspiron PC, Windows 7 (for the past couple of years now).

I purchased a new laptop (Dell Inspiron PC, Windows 8.1) this week and have installed Cubase Artist 7.5, HALion(s), and Groove Agent 3 no problem. However, I am unsure and not able to install my Content Loop Sets or the MP3 Encoder ?? It keeps saying that these software products are already registered to the eLisencor (which I understand) but obviously I want to be able to use them on my new Dell Inspiron Windows 8 PC soft-eLicensor . As far as I understood, I should be able to use Cubase plus the additional software contents on TWO PC’s (like you can do with Sibelius 7 and alike) providing that you have the eLicensor dongle plugged in ??

I did read a similar thread on this issue and I have already contacted Steinberg Support, but I did not receive an confirmation email to say my Request had been successfully submitted (as I think you usually do), and there is a notice on their site saying that there in no support until 03rd January coming :-

Thanks very much indeed and I hope you are able to assist me with these issues.

Thanks a lot guys and I hope someone is able and kind enough to help.


Paul Seaman

Hi again guys,

Not sure if anyone is able to help with the issue above please. I still can’t sort it.

The problem has worsened now in that I cant open Cubase and it won’t accept the Product Key either !!

Nightmare !! lol :confused: