Content missing after fresh install


I had to reinstall my laptop and did a fresh install of Cubase 8 only (via the Update Installer).
Now I’m missing several contents like Impulse Response Files, Halion and Groove Agent sound archives.

Ok. I still have my Cubase 7 DVD. The Cubase 7.5 installer and some Halion Sonic SE 2 installation files.

Can someone please tell me what exactly I have to install now.
Or do I need to download something?

Thanks and regards Peter

Try the version 8 installer available in your Steinberg account. I noticed that its much larger than the original update purchase (around 9GB or so) but still needs to run the .05 updater over the top. Seems to be more if not most libs here, tho’ I notice that the Impluse Response File 02 is missing (an oversight I imagine).

Otherwise best to install v7 & 7.5, then track the app elements but keep a back up of the libs on disk. Then install v8 /05 over the top. That’s how I found and added the missing 02 above.

The Cubase 8 Update from 7.5 installer needs, by definition, version 7.5 installed prior to v8 installation, thus it’s not usable for a full fresh installation by itself.

Instead, for a clean fresh installation, you have to download the FULL installer which you find in your Steinberg Account after having activated your license. It’s 9 GB and it includes all files needed for a complete installation.


I dealt with this before, you can read it here (maybe it helps):

Ok, I downloaded the 9GB full installer and installed only the parts which where missing.

So far everything seems to work :smiley:

Thanks for every answer