Content missing after latest update

Started Cubase after installing latest patch and about a dozen VST sound libs are now missing. It doesn’t bother me so much because I rarely use them, still, it’s troubling that they went away. Yes, I can ‘remove’ them from the list, but I’d rather not have to re-install them.

Again there are about a dozen, but a couple of them: the “Allan Morgan Drums” from several years ago. “Haliotron”, which I believe was included in Halion SE also a few years ago. The default Reverb presets.

Other than reporting the bug, is there some easy way to re-install all of them without having to figure out which version of Cubase they came with?


Please post a screenshot of the error message you’re getting. You can download the latest versions of all bundled plug-ins and content sets by clicking the icon for your Cubase version on the Steinberg Download Assistant. No content sets have been removed in the past decade.

This is a library included with the full version of Halion Sonic 2 and 3.

I’ve located most of them–by going through all previous versions of Cubase. There are half a dozen still left. Groove Agent SE Pop Rock presets. GA Acoustic Presets. The Kit presets. Verve presets. Reverb presets. Mystic Presets… Probably a few more.

I never use any of that stuff so I have no idea where it originated from, so if you can tell me which installer those content bits came from I’d appreciate it.

Please just download the latest versions of the included plug-ins and content from the Steinberg Download Assistant. There’s no reason to, and you probably shouldn’t be, installing content from old installers.

Right, but how is one to know which installers these various bits of content reside in?

That’s why I asked for a screenshot of the error message. Have you ran the Steinberg Download Assistant at all since I suggested it? Most of this stuff you’re missing is listed by name when you click the icon for your version of Cubase, like I said.

At this point you should probably just redownload everything to make sure that you didn’t install outdated versions of the included content.

There is a chance that the MediaBay DB got messed up. You can simply move the marked file outside of its Cubase_12_64 folder while Cubase is closed. Upon a new start of Cubase the file will be created from scratch. Maybe this way you’ll get your presets back.
This is PC. I am sure there is a similiar structure on macOS.

If this doesn’t fix the issue you can move your old DB file back, replacing the newly created one.

I have. There were individual dialogues for perhaps -twenty- missing vstsound files. I believe it is now sorted. Since I generally don’t use that stuff I can’t say for sure if it’s all back in place or not–just that there are no error msgs.

I suppose I’ll never learn what went wrong. The only plus is that it may encourage me to try a few of those things. NOT. :smiley:


Thanks. One reason I don’t use a lot of this crap is because I don’t understand the relationship between the components. I tend to stick to old-fangled sample libs or apps where I know where everything lives—In case disaster strikes. :slight_smile:

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I have to admit your reply doesn’t make any sense to me.
The file I marked contains all the locations of presets, audio files, and some more stuff. If you use a preset in Cubase the file mediabay3.db will be used. Exception is if you use a third party plugin that has its own preset system.
Furthermore checking it out costs you 10 minutes of your life and no money.

Its obvious, but did you check the paths in the VST plugin Manager/ below? I lost a few Native instruments VST file paths with the update - maybe more but I am too senile to remember them :crazy_face: