Content not installing (Stays in Download folder), Playback Templates not found for Iconica Sketch

The playback Template for Iconica Sketch is not found.
It seems like the installer is not moving the files where they should be as they are stuck in the Downloads folder.
Thanks for any input!

If you open Steinberg Library Manager (gets installed along with Dorico) does the Iconica library get shown as installed? If so, click on the corresponding Details button and check where it is installed.
If it is not under
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content
then you can move it to that location with theMove button.

Hi @Ulf thanks for your answer,

This is what I see in the Steinberg Library Manager.

They are in folders inside of /Content, maybe that’s the issue?
I am attaching a Diagnostic Report.

Dorico (822.5 KB)

Thanks again!

Hi @Azu, but according to the screen shots Iconica is installed in the right place and also the logs tell me that it gets recognized as well as the templates provided, so really nothing wrong on that end. If the Iconica files are also still in the downloads folder, then you can simply delete them from there…
And via Terminal app, can you make me a file listing (also showing the file permissions) from everything beneath /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content
Thanks very much

@Ulf thanks for your quick answer!

Sorry I do not know how to a file listing through Terminal, but I am still troubleshooting.

Maybe I am getting this warning because the score was made with 5.1.2 and it was referring to that Iconica Playback Template.

This is what I am seeing.



I don’t know for sure , but to me it looks like you used your own/modified Iconica template and it does not find it anymore. Could that be?

It can be, as I changed some routing and instruments, but I don’t remember changing the Playback Template itself.
It still loads the instruments but I need to double-check if everything is OK.
What template is Dorico loading when it gives me this message?

Thats why I’m not sure and need to call on my dear colleague @dspreadbury .

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name under which this playback template will appear in the Play > Playback Template dialog, but I can tell you that it is definitely a user-created playback template (as you can guess by the inclusion of .user. in the ID shown in the warning).

I checked and I was using the Iconica Sketch Playback Template, but changed , added and rearranged some Instruments in the Play tab (also changed some Expression Maps)
That changes “marks” it as another Playback Template?



You can tell that your Iconica Sketch playback template is a custom one because it doesn’t show the “factory” icon here; built-in playback templates always show the “factory” icon.